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Aditya Rajveer

Marvis Pro 更新


Interact with your music and fall in love with your library all over again.

Marvis offers a beautiful presentation of your Music Library with loads of powerful features in a minimalistic yet highly customizable UI.

• For iTunes, iCloud Music Library & Apple Music.
‣ Supports Apple Music Search, Browse, For You & Radio.
‣ Non-subscribers can search & browse the Apple Music catalog and play 30s preview for all available songs.

• Use Drag & Drop to add one or more items to Up Next, Play or Shuffle.
• (Scrobbles even non-library tracks).
• Advanced Media Details and Artist Info.
• List & Grid Layout. Multiple Grid styles to choose from, like Cover Flow.
• Sort and Group.
‣ Sort by Recently Played/Added, Year, Rating, Play Count and more.
‣ Group Playlists into Albums, Artists, Genres, etc.

• is required for Marvis to function.
• Due to iOS restrictions, it's not possible to delete items from your library or playlists via Marvis.

Reddit: r/MarvisApp

Localization to other languages and native iPad support are planned, and a lot more features, the next few months are gonna be very busy ;)



We all love updates with big features, don’t we? But sometimes even small features could very well be huge for many users. This update is full of such features and customizations.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s begin,

• 4 new icons with a new, very simple glyph.
• Replaced 2 icons with newer Blue/Green gradient icons.

• Application Player
‣ Added the ability to choose Marvis as the player app.
‣ Defaults to Stock, can be changed via Settings > Player.
‣ Application player allows queue editing.
‣ Lock-Screen and Control Centre widgets open Marvis when clicked.
‣ All this sounds good, but the application player may still be not the right choice for all of you.
‣ Please carefully read the differences and important notes before changing the player app.
‣ If you’re on iOS 12.1.x, you’ll face more issues with application player, updating to the latest version of iOS may fix most.
‣ Overall, the system player is much more reliable, but for many application player also works pretty well. Though, if you face any issues, you can always rollback.

• Mini-Player Subtitle Customizations.
‣ Hidden, Artist Name, Artist + Album Name, Output Device Name, etc.

• Full-Player Album Title Display Mode.
‣ Hidden, Inline with Artist Name, Separate Line.

• Section Layout Settings: Added Rows Customization.
‣ In addition to columns, you can now choose the maximum number of visible rows for each section.

• New Section: Daily Top 100.

• Save Queue to Playlist.
• View preceding songs in Queue.
• Queue details like time left and tracks count.

• 3D Touch
‣ In addition to Long-Tap, you can now 3D Touch items to invoke actions faster.
‣ Supports Continuous Flow gesture to switch selection right after invoking the actions menu without having to lift finger in between.
‣ Long-Tap supports Continuous Flow as well.
‣ Note: If Drag & Drop is enabled, 3D Touch must be invoked before item lift animation begins, as after the item is lifted, there’s gesture conflict.

• Mini-Player
‣ Choose custom actions for Tap, 3D Touch, Long-Tap, Double-Tap.

• Full-Player
‣ Added 3D Touch Title gesture.
‣ Added Double-Tap gesture for Next/Previous buttons to skip intervals (10s, 30s, etc.).

• Sidebar Flow Customizations
‣ Ability to change Vertical Flow direction to Natural (Up = Down, Down = Up).
‣ Ability to Invoke Horizontal Flow from the edge only instead of anywhere. This is helpful for those who cannot get used to invoke gesture and accidentally invoke it often. Switching to edge invoke mode will enable going to the previous screen from anywhere instead of the left edge.

• Song details page now shows listeners and scrobbles data.
• Choose add button action: Add to Library, Add to Playlist or Always Ask.
• And as always, there are a few surprise features, we hope you could discover on your own.

• Fixes, optimization & layout improvements.

Have fun using Marvis and stay tuned for more.

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