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Shihab Mehboob

Cosmicast 更新


Cosmicast is a beautiful podcast player built with iOS design guidelines in mind. It’s as useful as it is gorgeous. With a customisable grid layout and three sets of themes to choose from, it’s most definitely a podcast player for you.

There are no complicated user accounts or settings to configure. You can pick it up and get started immediately. This is made even faster with OPML podcast importing, and a handy discover section that’s categorised effectively in a minimal manner to show you only what you want to see.

The stunning podcast player makes listening to your favourite podcasts a joy, and tapping the large controls give you a wonderful haptic response. Long-holding certain buttons presents further options to enhance your experience and fine-tune aspects of the app. The player is always accessible from any page via a swipe up gesture with two fingers. Awesome.

We’ve also thrown in some cool things like Drag and Drop podcast rearranging, 3D Touch support, iMessage Stickers, and Siri Shortcuts! We hope you enjoy using Cosmicast!

  • Beautiful and clean interface
  • Light mode, dark mode, and true black dark mode
  • Column grid sizing
  • Discover new podcasts by genre or region
  • Search for or paste podcast URLs to add them
  • Download episodes for offline playback
  • No account required
  • Supercharged podcast player, accessible from any screen with a swipe up gesture using two fingers
  • Long-hold the skip duration buttons to change the durations
  • Long-hold the play/pause button to change the playback speed
  • Tap the podcast artwork in the player for more options
  • Sleep Timer
  • Volume Boost
  • View related content by the same author
  • Pick your audio source
  • Drag and Drop podcast rearranging
  • 3D Touch Peek and Pop
  • 3D Touch Quick Actions
  • iMessage Stickers
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Notifications for downloads
  • Import and export podcasts as an OPML file

We’re constantly evolving and crafting it to create the perfect podcast player for you. If you have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear it! Come visit us on our Twitter page and let’s craft an incredible podcast experience together.



  • Recreated the video player to use the stock iOS player instead, allowing you to view videos in full-screen as well as rotate them to landscape
  • Fixed issue where the volume bar would be presented behind the notch on various devices that have a notch
  • Minor UI adjustments
  • Minor bug fixes

If you enjoy using Cosmicast and like this update, please consider leaving a review. It helps with delivering great continued support. Thank you! :)

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