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Mr Qwak Limited

Qwak HD 上架 编辑推荐


"The best platformer to hit the AppStore, you owe it to yourself to pick it up"...

A classic Amiga platform game, highly prized for it’s fast-paced, addictive game-play. Now re-envisioned for your iPad, by the games’ original author. Are you ready for insanely addictive game-play, that will push your skills to the limit?...


The two player mode requires the use of two iPhones, or two iPod touches (or one of each) as controllers.

  1. Install joypad app on two iPhones (or iPod touches). Get joypad app here: (or search for 'joypad' on the AppStore).

  2. Ensure that your iPad is on the same local network as the iPhone / iPod touch controllers, OR, you can turn on blue-tooth for all devices involved.

  3. Start the joypad app on both iPhone / iPod touches.

  4. When you launch Qwak HD, the button on the main menu titled 'Start New Game' will become 'Two Player Game'. Tap this button to start a two player game.


"Qwak is a simple platformer with incredibly addicting gameplay." - GameZebo

"HIGHLY POLISHED ... a game platformer fans won’t want to miss’. - Touch Arcade

"So, how does it play? If you want a comparison, we would cite Bubble Bobble, but if you want a single word, then we would say superbly. It’s the essence of feel-good gaming fun and we defy anyone not to have a smile on their face when they complete a scene just as the time limit runs out." - iPhoneFreak

"Overall, Qwak is must-get for fans of the puzzle-platformer genre. With fluid and clean visuals, many levels, increasing difficulty, tons of power ups, and a catchy soundtrack, Qwak has the recipe for a platformer of true greatness, one that future games of the genre will be measured by." - AppVersity


Retina enhanced graphics for the new iPad.
Two player mode using iPhones as controllers.
Silk smooth 60 frames-per-second action.
Beautiful graphics you can almost eat!
Tons of secret bonuses.
10 in-game music tracks.
70 ultra playable levels (including tutorial).
6 graphically unique worlds to explore.

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