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Cascode Labs Pty Ltd

Context Camera 上涨 编辑推荐


Context Camera helps you capture more useful photos by stamping them with direction, location, date/time, address and comments in a variety of configurations.

Context Camera is designed for business and is trusted by professionals in diverse fields such as construction, insurance, safety, inspection and emergency response.

Key features:

  • Take photos using the app - the camera preview with information overlay will show you exactly what your photo will look like.
  • Rear, dual and front cameras are supported.
  • Adjust focus, exposure, and flash settings where supported by your device.
  • Choose from a variety of information overlays. Each overlay shows a different selection of information including:
    • location (lat/lon, UTM, MGRS in WGS84, NAD83 and GDA94 datums)
    • direction (degrees/mils, magnetic/true north)
    • user comments
    • date and time (variety of formats)
    • address
  • As well as being stamped on the photo itself, most information is also written to the image metadata.
  • Annotate photos with arrows, lines, ellipses and rectangles in a variety of colours and thicknesses.
  • Store photos inside the app to keep them separate or automatically export them to your photo library or iCloud.
  • Export stamped photos as separate images or zip files.
  • Quick email feature lets you quickly send emails with photos to preset addresses.


  • Only photos taken with Context Camera can be stamped.
  • No automatic export of photos to cloud storage services other than iCloud (yet)
  • No customisation of text font, size or colour on overlays (yet)
  • No custom text annotations on photos (yet)
  • iPods and Wi-Fi only iPads are supported, but since they do not have a GPS receiver location accuracy is reduced.

Please email with any questions.



  • Added additional export filename formats - more coming soon.
  • Redesigned settings screen and automatic exports screen.
  • Added NAD83 and GDA94 datums.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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