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Coloresque is a handy essential for everyone who works with colors. It's a simple yet powerful tool for color inspiration, creation, identification and modification.


Start by generating a completely random color to help inspire your next design creation. Just with a single tap, Coloresque can show and name any one of over 16 million possible colors.

Additional tools allow you to modify your selected color. Drag down the main view to reveal a variety of automatically generated, associated color schemes, or use the sliders to precisely adjust it.

• Generate a broad range of colors
• Each color is identified and named
• Following color schemes can be created: shades, tints, tones, monochromatic, analogous, compound, complementary, inverted, triad, tetrad & components
• RGB and HSL sliders


Once you find a color you like, you can save it as a favorite in a beautiful overview of all your preferred colors, which you can filter by hue. Coloresque will identify which colors you view most often and emphasise them by showing them on top of the list.

• Save the colors you like
• Identify your most viewed colors


By providing multiple methods, Coloresque makes it super easy to add colors to your favorites. There are 4 ways how to find and add favorites:
• Enter a color code of any of the supported color spaces
• Find a color by name in Coloresque’s big color database
• Pick a color from any photo or screenshot
• Coloresque learns your color taste and suggests colors you might like


Simply select a photo or screenshot. A hair cross points at the pixel of which the color will be picked. For higher precision, a magnified aspect of the image is shown on top of the screen.

For each photo, a palette of the most prominent colors is being created, so color picking can be done even faster.


On the Preferences page, you can customize Coloresque to your needs. You can set your preferred color space, which will be used throughout the app, set constraints which colors will be generated in Playground, and much more.

• Supports the following color spaces: Hex, RGB, HSL, HSV, CMYK, CIE XYZ, CIE Lab, CIE LCH° & CIE Luv


The whole user interface adapts to the currently selected color in Playground to provide a preview of the color being used in a real life application. This includes the ability to decide if it should be combined with dark or light colors to retain the visibility and readability of interface elements.



○ Color Spaces
Display color codes in CMY or CIE Luv* color spaces and find them in Color Search.

○ Dark Mode
Let iOS Dark Mode adjust the design of the app (iOS 13 or newer), or choose your preferred appearance in Settings.

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